Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy busy!

It's nearing the end of the semester at uni which means I have multiple pieces off assessment due per week for about the next month.  This means I will be extremely slow at publishing my posts on Milan and Paris, which is a shame because they were both amazing!  I will be spending my weekend planning and rehearsing a persuasive speech about how fashion should be available in senior high school to students who wish to study it, including the history, politics, structures, theories etc that go along with it all.  It would have been so helpful to me when I was at school instead of studying six subjects that have nothing to do with what I am doing at university.  Enough of me getting overly passionate about my views, here are a few images of products I've come across lately that I thought were a little special.  Enjoy!

Balenciaga key rings, I feel like a little kid but there's just something that will always get me hooked when things which were great to start with are made miniature.

In a cost-per-wear sense these would be the cheapest shoes I'd ever bought.  They are everything I am loving right now - an aminal print, loafer/anything that is traditionally a mens style and a little bit of toughness in the form of the studs... love love love.

And... I just couldn't resist a little bit of street style considering the past month or so has been filled with the world's fash pack congregating outside runway shows in their most beautiful, outrageous, chic and inspiring attire.  Tommy Ton you are a genius by the way!

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